What You Can Do with Cremation Ashes

It is becoming more common for families to choose cremation as a means of disposing of the remains of their deceased loved ones. Ashes, or cremains, can be used to commemorate and remember the deceased after the cremation process has been completed. Here are examples of traditional options, such as scattering or burying the remains, as well as some more creative and innovative ways in which cremation ashes can be used to honor and cherish the memories of those who have passed on.

1. Scattering

The scattering of cremation ashes at a meaningful location was one of the first alternatives to traditional burial. A practice that allows for a symbolic return of the deceased to nature, whether it is over a body of water, in the air, or even in a serene natural setting, this practice promotes a sense of closure for the bereaved. Many families find solace in choosing a site that holds sentimental value for the deceased, thereby creating a lasting connection between their memory and a physical place.

2. Burial

Cremation ashes can be buried in a cemetery to provide a sense of permanence and a dedicated place for remembrance. Mausoleums, columbarium niches, and traditional burial plots are all available options. Some cemeteries have eco-friendly options, including urns made from biodegradable materials or burials within memorial gardens. A cremation is a viable option when combined with the tangible presence of a final resting place, strengthening the sense of connection between friends and family.

3. Memorial Jewelry

Creating jewelry from ashes is an effective way to create a personal and portable memorial. Embedded ashes can be used to create glass pendants, rings, or bracelets, allowing family members to carry a tangible reminder of the deceased with them at all times. Artistry and sentimentality are beautifully blended in this technique, allowing a discreet and unique way to honor a loved one who has passed away.

4. Memorial Art

Ashes can additionally be incorporated into a number of forms of art, including paintings, sculptures, and glass-blowing. The ashes can be combined with mediums such as paint or glass to create customized pieces that salute the individuality of the departed. The artworks serve as powerful reminders of their essence and can become cherished family heirlooms in the future.

5. Tree Planting

Turning ashes into trees is an environmentally friendly option that is ideal for those who are concerned about the environment. There are biodegradable urns that are capable of containing ashes and seedlings that can be planted to grow into memorial trees. It symbolizes the circle of life, allowing the memory of the deceased to be carried forward through nature and provide a living tribute for generations to come.

6. Fireworks

For a truly unique and memorable tribute, it is possible to integrate ashes into fireworks to create an astounding display. This colorful display is a fitting way for families to honor their loved ones while also commemorating their lives. An unconventional method of honoring the ashes makes them a joyful and visually stunning tribute to the individual’s spirit.

cremation stone

Cremation Stone

7. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records can be pressed with the ashes of a departed person to contain audio recordings of their voice, a favorite song, or meaningful messages for music enthusiasts. With this innovative approach to music, loved ones can significantly enhance the connection between loved ones and music by being able to listen to the voice and memories of the deceased every time they play the record.

8. Scatter them at sea

When an individual has a passion for the ocean, perhaps he or she was an avid sailor, scattering the ashes at sea is an option that is popular. Some people charter a yacht and allow guests to say a few words before pouring the ashes around the water’s surface. In contrast, biodegradable urns float for a short period of time before peacefully sinking.

9. Underwater Reefs

The creation of underwater reefs using cremation ashes has grown in popularity as a method for sustaining marine life and protecting ocean ecosystems. Artificial reefs provide a haven for marine life to flourish and serve as a lasting memorial beneath the ocean’s surface. Divers can honor the memory of their loved ones in a serene and surreal underwater environment on dive sites.

10. Cuddly toy keepsake

Children who have suffered the loss of a close family member may find comfort in a memorial cuddly toy. With ‘Memory Bears,’ you may choose to store some of the cremated remains in a bespoke teddy bear urn. It can also be embroidered with a personal message.

Choosing what to do with cremation ashes is as diverse as the individuals they represent, with a variety of options available. Families may select from traditional practices to innovative and customized approaches to honor the deceased’s legacy. By utilizing these creative approaches, loved ones’ memories will live on, providing comfort, inspiration, and connection for those left behind.

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