Cremation Diamonds
from Hair or Ashes

SAINT DIAMONDS memorial diamonds are created from the
remains (hair and ashes) of your loved ones.

  • Our diamonds are made from carbon (99.99%) and natural diamond seed (0.01%).
  • Our diamonds are eco-friendly. We don’t use heavy metals, artificial colors, or dubious chemicals.
  • We work with genuine diamonds for our seed crystals.

Cremation Diamonds vs
Natural Diamonds

There is only one real difference between our cremation diamonds and natural diamonds: the carbon atoms of our memorial diamonds come from the ashes and hairs of your loved one.

Our bodies are made from 18% carbon, and our diamonds are pure, crystallized carbon. Our memorial diamonds are created from your loved one’s remains (ashes and hair).

Our memorial diamonds are GIA-guaranteed authentic diamonds.

Memorial Diamond Color Options



1249 $

From 0.25 Carats



1899 $

From 0.25 Carats



1899 $

From 0.25 Carats



2199 $

From 0.25 Carats



2399 $

From 0.25 Carats

Ranging from a light yellow tone to a dark orange, every cremation diamond comes with its own unique color. No two diamond are the same, expressing the differences in every set of remains used to make our diamonds.

Every diamond displays a color range depending on the elements that helped in its formation. In the case of cremation diamonds, you’ll notice five color tones that are obtained from the elements in the remains (hair or ashes) used to form the memorial diamond, along with other production methods in the formation process.


Our bodies contain at least 3% nitrogen. This chemical makes diamonds become a yellowish color, which is the organic color achieved through standard diamond-creation methodology.

All memorial diamonds come with an organic color that varies from light yellow to dark orange. Not two are identical.


This type of diamond is formed when we remove the nitrogen from the carbon. These diamonds come with the most amazing purity level, along with an elevated price and the longest development time.

Green, Blue, and Black

In addition to the two highlighted tones, we possess the technical instruments required to modify the growth atmosphere of the diamond to achieve green, blue, and black memorial diamonds from hair and ashes.

Diamond Sizes

One carat equals 200 mg / 0.2 g / 0.007055 ounces.

The carat (ct) is used to measure diamonds and gemstones. It is a unit of weight.

* The dimensions you see here are merely a representation. They may differ from the real sizes due to the differences regarding screen resolutions.

Cremation Diamond Cut Types







Before the Polishing

If you are interested in getting rough memorial diamonds (diamonds that are not polished), then you will receive a 20% discount on cremation diamonds larger than 0.30 carats.

Rough memorial diamonds are an exceptional option for anyone who wants the most natural experience, getting the “full” cremation diamond from the remains. Bear in mind that only the cut diamonds are “brilliant,” so rough diamonds might seem darker than usual.

Let Our Expert Decide on the Cut

If you are not sure about the shape you want for your cremation diamond, then you can choose “Let Our Expert Decide on the Cut” or leave the “cut type” question blank on your order form. In this case, one of our experts will decide for you depending on the definitive structure. SAINT DIAMONDS’ experts will choose the shape for you.

Please note that the production atmosphere where the remains are turned into diamonds does not regulate the structure of your diamond from ashes, only its dimensions. Each cremation diamond will grow into its own formidable shape.

Additionally, note that no two diamonds are identical. Our experts will choose the cut depending on the shape your diamond attains before cutting and polishing.

Diamonds from Ashes Certification and Verification

Memorial diamonds made from ashes are authentic and may be verified by any international gemology institution, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), proving that all our cremation diamonds are completely authentic and lab-developed.

SAINT DIAMONDS will certify your memorial diamonds. You can also order an independent authentication by either the IGI or the GIA to further prove that you possess a genuine cremation diamond created in our lab.

Customer Service

You will have the opportunity to review the status of your loved one’s remains (ashes or hair) at every stage as we transform them into memorial diamonds by entering the order ID into our tracking section. You can always ask us any questions you may have during the production of the cremation diamond.

Track Your Diamond with
Your Order ID

One order ID is given to every client, allowing you to track your diamond at every production stage whenever you want. You can always discover more about our internal processes and guidelines to track your cremation diamond.

Laser Engraving

You will have the opportunity to name the memorial diamond. Right after the cremation diamond is made, we will offer you the opportunity to engrave a word or a phrase onto its girdle.


You may request photos during the production stages of the cremation diamonds. We understand that sending the ashes or hair of your loved one to our laboratory can carry an emotional burden, so we want you to participate as much as you possibly can. That’s why we will send you a few photos of every production stage at your request. Viewing the transformation of your loved one is fantastic.


The term “diamond source” refers to the minuscule diamond that is needed as the base from which the memorial diamond will be created. SAINT DIAMONDS calls this the “source crystal” because the carbon atoms that come from the remains of your loved one will join onto to this source under huge pressure, beginning the crystallization process.

We use individual-crystal organic diamonds of the highest quality for this process. SAINT DIAMONDS does not work with any chemical-vapor deposition diamonds. We only use genuine diamonds.

Elite Diamonds

SAINT DIAMONDS colorless and blue memorial diamonds can be categorized as IIb / 2b diamonds.

If anyone examines our diamonds with infrared spectrometers, they will
see that our diamonds remarkably absorb the red light.

We pride ourselves in our 2b cremation diamonds because they are visually identical to the most precious and rarest 0.1% of all mined diamonds only with a special origin: they come from your loved ones.