About Us

We create memorial diamonds made from the hair or ashes of your loved ones. We operate with the highest quality standards and work with a Swiss lab to develop the diamonds. Once they’re all done, we can deliver them anywhere in the world.

We at SAINT DIAMONDS are a team of committed experts who combine a true love for humanity and an impeccable passion to accomplish our mission to the best of our abilities. Exactly like the colors and shapes of the diamonds we create are incredible, each one of us is an incredible human being sharing a passion for serving true love, which everybody can sense in every single memorial diamond we work on.

– Bernard, “SAINT DIAMONDS” Founder

Our Leading Standards

  • We deal with all remains with the utmost respect.
  • We care for every single client, providing them with personalized customer service.
  • We view each of our clients as a valuable human being, not simply a number.
  • We always deliver our products with the highest quality standards.
  • We work hard to offer the leading prices on the market.
  • We respect every deadline.
  • We pass each of our diamonds a thorough authentication program to make sure you receive a genuine product every time.

Certificates Issued by International Institutes

You will easily notice that our diamonds are 100% real by looking at the certificates, which were issued from international research authorities such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Enhanced New Standards

Our dossiers and administration systems audit every single work order, and they are improved continuously to make the most incredible cremation diamonds out of the cremated remains of your loved ones.


Our diamonds go through twelve examinations at six inspection zones. Both hair and ashes are carefully identified using a unique tracking ID and barcode when they arrive.
We have established six crucial inspection zones along the whole growing process, with twelve examinations performed by our trained team in several departments. The staff IDs and their dates of access are stored every time. Each one of our processes can be traced. Pictures are also taken to show you the loving care with which we convert the remains of your loved one into an astonishing cremation diamond that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life.



At the beginning of the whole process, both hair and ashes are carefully sterilized with medical-grade alcohol. This step is done with precise measures of chemical purification factors and catalysts that are correct to 0.001 g. In this case, our standard operating procedures (SOP) become crucial for boosting the diamond’s purity, quality, and stability.

Our Principles

1. Our intention is to supply emotional backing, not to become brokers in the diamond trade.

2. Our amazing cremation diamonds rejoin our customers and their lost loved ones by keeping them next to their hearts.

3. We are aware of the emotional toll on our clients, and our staff treats our customers and their families with the utmost comfort.