Memorial Jewelry: urn necklaces, cremation diamonds and ashes holders

Memorial jewelry is an excellent way of celebrating the life of a loved one after death. In order to keep the beloved close to us, we need to research all possible ideas of memorial jewelry and its variety. Today, we have different options and types of memorial jewelry available on the market, the most popular out of all are cremation urn necklace, ashes holders, and cremation diamonds. Let’s find out the benefits of the above-stated memorial jewelry and how it can help us show tribute to loved ones. This article aims to broaden your views and give you some valuable ideas for finding a perfect piece of memorial jewelry out there.

Urn necklace for ashes

Urn necklace is one of the intriguing and affordable memorial jewelry types. Cremation urn necklace is a popular choice amongst younger and older generations. This particular jewelry comes with incredible options and in multiple designs. Urn necklace is created and personalized if requested individually. They contain a small amount of cremains of a loved one, which makes them so special and unique. A wearer can keep the dearer to the heart at all times.

Urn necklace is beautiful memorabilia that is becoming extremely popular. Cremation urn necklace for ashes is designed to comfort you in times of grief and sorrow. Urn necklace for ashes is not only meant for the cremains of a loved one but also for a lock of hair, a pinch of burial soil, compressed memorial flowers, or compressed personal things of a loved one. If you prefer the memorial necklace jewelry over other than an cremation urn necklace for ashes is the ideal choice on how to remember your loved one.

Putting ashes into a necklace

So far, we have looked into the cremation urn necklaces for ashes and included the ideas of how to remember the loved one if the choice falls on the urn necklace. Putting ashes into a necklace is not always what people find the best choice for them, some chose to keep a lock of hair or flowers there. However, please note that the urn necklace has a very small container and, therefore, will not be able to hold a large quantity of loved ones’ cremains or several locks of hair. Another urn necklace option is available, allowing one to insert the loved one’s ashes into a material such as resin. This urn necklace-type protects your beloved cremains from being spilled out. Although if you someday wish to remove the ashes or locks of hair from the urn necklace, it will not be possible due to the complexity of its design. Putting ashes into a necklace is a beautiful way to remember your loved one!

urn necklaces

Cremation necklaces for men

This type of ashes holders for men’s jewelry is the most popular amongst males due to its robust style. If you are looking specifically at men’s cremation urn necklace, note that the choice may be limited for gold or silver since men prefer stainless steel designs. Many men prefer a screw top or bayonet clasp, which are more secure than a spring ring when choosing cremation necklaces for men. For men to find closure is also essential, and therefore there are different options from cremation necklaces for men. Cremation urn necklace is a lovely gift idea too, to help your beloved to go through the grieving stage.

Of course, there are some designers that create custom-made sterling silver urn necklaces for men. This is the second most popular choice of metal that men usually go for. This material allows us to keep the industrial and ascetic style of stainless-steel jewelry, as well as go more traditional or even choose more historical styles. A sterling silver urn necklace is considered budget-friendly and easy to maintain; no matter what your final choice sterling silver urn necklace is a desirable piece for many men. Also, if requested, the silver sterling urn necklace design can be created very intricate and even extravagant, as there is always something for everyone’s taste and style available.

Ashes holders

Same as with the urn jewelry, ashes holders can give you an opportunity to keep your loved one’s cremains with you at all times. Under ashes holders, we include such memorial jewelry as pendants, rings, bracelets, charms, and other types of cremation jewelry that are used to hold the remains of a beloved. The main benefit of ashes holders is that the cremains or other memorabilia can travel and be with you everywhere you go. You can wear it daily and feel the closeness of your cherished loved one. Ashes holders can be personalized the way you want them, starting with the gold choice to the design of cremation jewelry; it is all up to you how you want to remember your loved one.

 Cremation stones

The following intriguing way of remembering your loved one is to opt for cremation stones, which can be a little too much for some. However, there are those who find this unique memorial an extraordinary way of showing tribute to their lost family members and closest ones. At the moment, it is becoming trendy to create cremation stones that come in different shapes and colors.

The cremation stone process turns the ashes into ceramic-like stones, which can be later displayed on a shelf, placed on the side table next to the bed, or buried with the remaining ashes. Some find it a place in the garden, which is secluded and peaceful, among the flowers or next to the water fountain. The ideas are endless, and therefore the process of cremation stones is as unique as it sounds.

So, what is actually involved in the solidification process? It has similar to the ceramic laboratory process, the contamination is getting removed from the ashes, and then a clay-like material is created. From there the material is processed further to the kiln, where the previously made material is turned into the cremation stones, which are polished and prepared for homecoming at the very end of their journey.

Benefits of creating cremation stones

There are a significant number of benefits when it comes down to cremation stones as memorabilia for your loved one. Firstly, it is a beautiful and tangible way of remembering and honoring your beloved. Cremations stones can be beautifully designed and kept in your home or passed as a gift to relatives and family members, who can keep this kind of memorabilia for generations to come.

Cremation stones are a permanent memorial and a real treasure. Secondly, you can allocate the cremation stones a special place and be as flexible as possible, such areas as stated earlier can be in your own garden, at home, in a graveyard, by a special tree in a park, or in some secluded place, where your loved one used to spend a significant amount of time, enjoying the days as they went by. By turning ashes into something beautiful and permanent, you can keep their memory alive for years to come.

Memorial Diamond

Cremation diamonds

The first place of all cremation ideas is inevitably reserved for the cremation diamonds. This is a very special way of turning your loved one’s ashes into diamonds, and it has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. Cremation diamonds are a beautiful tribute and celebration of a beloved. It is a fantastic opportunity that many people are using to keep their loved ones forever with them and pass the memorial jewelry through the generations.

Today, many companies, such as Saint Diamonds, are offering the most beautiful cremation diamonds of different sizes, shapes, and colors. You are able to choose what best reflects your loved one and keep it close to you when the process of a cremation diamond is over. The process of cremation diamond can last a minimum of six months, but it is worth the wait, as your loved one will shine endlessly.

Cremation diamond cuts

When ordering a cremation diamond, it is crucial to choose the right cut. The cut of a diamond is what gives it its sparkle and brilliance. Your preferences will help you to decide on a cut, and it is more likely that you will find some shapes you prefer better than others. If you doubt what to order, you can always consult the specialists, who will tell you more about the cut and guide you through.

The jewelry setting plays a big role, too, as you want your cremation diamond to look gorgeous when set. A smaller cremation diamond will look pretty in a cremation jewelry ring, whereas a larger cremation diamond will stand out in a cremation jewelry pendant.

Many companies that turn ashes into cremation diamonds have personalized cremation jewelry options or a standard-setting list for those who don’t want the custom-made jewelry created. The round, princess, and marquise cuts are the most widely used for cremation diamonds. Due to its adaptability and use in both rings and pendants, the round cut is the most common. The princess cut is incredibly well-liked since it is sophisticated and sparkling. The marquise cut may make your cremation diamond stand out and is popular since it has a lot of individuality.

It’s crucial to select a cremation diamond with the proper cut for your requirements. Your cremation diamond will sparkle and shine with the popular selections of round, princess, and marquise shapes.

Choosing a color for your memorial diamond

The cremation diamond’s color is very important. This is one of the 4c’s that play a significant role. When thinking of purchasing a cremation diamond, think about the loved one and what associations come to your mind. What color is the most attractive, and how it describes your loved one? The choice of making a cremation diamond color personalized makes sense as it portrays the essence of a loved one.

Colorless and yellow cremation diamonds are the most preferred hues from all available. Although colorless diamonds take the longest to produce and are, therefore, the most expensive color option, they are regarded as classic cremation diamonds. The color yellow is a cheerful, vibrant choice for cremation diamonds. Yellow diamonds are the most economical and have the quickest creation times compared to other colors, which is one of the reasons they are so popular.

Black, pink, and blue are also quite popular colors. Due to its peaceful and comforting color, blue is a popular choice. Pink is a preferred color because it is romantic and feminine. Black color is classy and extraordinary, especially the larger size cremation diamonds show its majesty.

Choosing jewelry for your cremation diamond

When researching the ideas for cremation diamond jewelry, you will find that there are multiple unique ways how to set your memorial diamond. The options include rings, pendants, bracelets, charms, necklaces, and cufflinks, and some even place the cremation diamonds into the watches. Which type of jewelry you choose will depend on your personal preferences.

The size of the diamond is a crucial consideration when selecting cremation jewelry. You should choose the cremation diamond’s size and cut that has a flattering brilliance about it. If your diamond is little, you might prefer a pendant or ring to a bracelet.

The type of metal is another thing to consider while selecting cremation jewelry. The most popular metals are gold and silver, but you can also choose platinum or titanium. As we have found out, typically, men choose stainless steel. Your personal preferences and financial abilities will determine the sort of metal you select.

You must select the design after deciding on the type of jewelry and the metal. There are numerous accessible designs, so you should be able to pick one that you like.

When selecting cremation jewelry, try not to go with anything heavy and poorly made. You need to think of something that can be worn comfortably and with ease, possibly suitable to the casual style. It will be much easier to choose the right cremation jewelry taking into account the above points.

Engraving memorial diamond jewelry

Nowadays, many decide to engrave cremation diamonds; however, it is noticed very often that a lot of us like to engrave cremation jewelry rings, cremation jewelry pendants, and cremation jewelry necklaces. You must choose the wording you want to add if you prefer to have your cremation jewelry engraved.

It is a very emotional and tender feeling that we get when we see special words on the memorial diamond jewelry. To have the loved one’s words, or favorite quote, or just simply a few lovely words devoted to a beloved on the piece makes the memorial jewelry outstanding and unique. Some people decide to include a more intimate statement that includes the deceased’s name and the date of their passing. You always have the option.

In case you are indecisive about the way the engravement should be positioned or the words it should contain, it is best to consult a professional engraver, and a solution for the best cremation jewelry option will be found. By choosing a piece that has been engraved, you can create a quirky and personal memorial for your loved one.

Choosing a jewelry setting for your cremation diamond

The focus and the centerpiece of any cremation jewelry must always be the diamond. The jewelry setting should not hide the brilliance and the beauty of the cremation diamond. The setting should look elegant and as simple as possible so that the whole attention is on the stone.

The variety of different types of settings allows you to go for simple or more complicated designs. The bezel, prong, and channel jewelry settings are the most popular.

The bezel setting is popular because it holds the diamond securely in place and allows a lot of sparkles.

Bezel pendant setting

The prong setting is popular because it showcases the diamond’s brilliance and allows light to enter from all sides.

Prong pendant setting

The channel setting is standard because it is attractive and straightforward, and it enables to display of the numerous diamonds in an elegant and simple manner. Additionally, channel setting is excellent for the rings because it ensures that diamonds are set safely.

Choosing the perfect piece of memorial jewelry

The choices are endless when it comes to memorial jewelry. Choosing the perfect memorial jewelry is an uneasy task, and some can find it extremely difficult. Nonetheless, the process of finding the one and only memorial jewelry can be exciting and bring happy memories. You can have ashes holders, urn necklaces for ashes, sterling silver urn necklace, memorial diamonds, and others.

We hope you have found some answers to your questions while reading the blog post. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly help you.


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