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Diamond From
Lost Loved One

Ashes to diamonds are one of the most beautiful and everlasting ways to remember your loved ones and an eternal symbol of love and remembrance created from the cremation ashes or hair. We at Saint Diamonds change the way we remember our loved ones by turning ashes into diamonds.



Diamond From a
Lost Friend

We all know pets to be man’s best friend. Many consider them to be members of their families. When we lose a family member, we want to preserve positive emotions and memories. Ashes to diamonds is a meaningful way to remember a beloved dog, cat, or other pet. Saint Diamonds creates cremation diamonds from the ashes of your beloved pet.


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120- 180 days

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From $1449

3,5 15.3mm


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A beautiful way to remember loved ones?

Cremation diamonds from your loved ones made from ashes
or hair. You can choose from six beautiful diamond shape variations with different color choices. Create your custom
Diamond now.

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Saint Diamonds

When we lose a loved one, we wish we had more time. We started Saint Diamonds in 2018 to change the way we remember our lost loved ones.

A memorial diamond is a positive way to remember loved ones we have lost keeping them close to us. We can’t take the ashes in our hands, but we can hold the diamond.

– Bernard O. , “SAINT DIAMONDS” Founder

Saint Diamonds Technology

Cremation diamonds from ashes or hair are created with the same chemical and physical features as natural mined diamonds.

To turn cremation ashes or hair into a memorial diamond, we need to simulate the same environment in which natural diamonds form. Diamonds are formed under enormous heat vast pressure naturally in the Earth.


Our Clients Say

The whole process of handling my request was done with extreme kindness and made me feel that I was involved in the whole process. Kept informed throughout the whole time. Mick – “Shine on you crazy diamond

Stephany Stewart

It was amazing. Saint Diamonds team cared deeply about us and they sent us photos and updates through the process. Laura Brown

Laura Brown

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Diamonds from Hair and Ashes

SAINT DIAMONDS turns human hair and cremation ashes into cremation diamonds that are certified by the GIA. Please contact us if you would like to order cremation jewelry: a ring or a pendant.
Turning ashes into diamonds service is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, European Union: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.
Ashes to diamonds costs are determined by the color and size of the cremation diamond you order. Prices start at $ 1249. Secure Shipping. Certification by worldwide recognized institutes: GIA and IGI* Optional services.
The service of turning cremation ashes into diamonds takes 45 to 120 days.

Please feel free to Contact Us