How to choose the best memorial cremation diamond company

Choosing a cremation diamond company can be a very hard and responsible decision. There are many to choose from, but how to make the choice? What are the most important aspects to consider? For each person, this is a very individual decision, who to trust the ashes of their loved ones to.

Diamond Creation

Before making the decision, it is also very important to understand what exactly are memorial diamonds and how they are made.

Cremation diamonds (meaning the same as memorial diamonds) are lab grown diamonds made in conditions of extreme heat and pressure that are similar to the way diamonds are created in nature. Diamonds are precious stone that is made of just one element – carbon.

Turning ashes or hair into diamonds is possible because carbon comprises about 19% of the human body, and diamonds are carbon in a crystal form. Cremation diamonds are real diamonds that are grown thanks to the carbon present in human remains (hair and cremation ashes).

Are Memorial diamonds real?

Yes, they are. Although it is understandable that some people might have doubts about memorial diamond authenticity, memorial diamonds are real and made with utmost care and dedication. Memorial diamond companies like Saint Diamonds spend a lot of time and recourses to include their customers in all aspects of diamond creation so there would be no doubt about the authenticity of cremation diamonds.

Memorial Diamond

Choosing a memorial diamond

When deciding to create a memorial diamond there are some choices to make about the diamond itself. First what size diamond would you like to be made? Most companies offer diamonds in sizes from 0.25ct to 2ct, but there are also possibilities to create even bigger or smaller diamonds. This decision can be dependent on your taste, needs, or financial possibilities as larger diamonds will be exponentially more expensive.

The next decision to make would be the diamond color. While colorless diamonds are always classic, diamonds can be made in various different colors like yellow, blue, or red. Sometimes a specific color has had a special meaning to the lost loved one, so the family chooses to create a memorial diamond in this color.

The last choice to be made is diamond cut. There are many different cuts to be chosen from. The most classic would be round – brilliant cut. More interesting – oval and pear cuts. There are also several square cuts like princess, radiant, cushion, and emerald. This decision really only depends on each person’s individual taste and the style of jewelry they want to set the diamond in.

Memorial diamond companies

Memorial diamonds are not a concept with a very long history, but already there are several strong companies providing this service. Here is a little bit more information about some of them.

Saint Diamonds

Saint diamonds - cremation diamond company

Saint Diamonds started memorial diamond creation in 2018. Started as a small business and slowly growing and attracting more and more customers. Saint Diamonds is based in Atlanta while laboratories are located in Europe.

Saint Diamonds focuses on each client’s individual journey offering regular updates about each specific cremation diamond creation process, and understanding how difficult this process can be for customers. The company makes sure to be always available to its customers for any questions or assistance in this special journey.

Looking at other memorial diamond companies Saint Diamonds offers one of the most competitive prices as well as one of the shortest delivery times. Depending on the size and color of the diamond Saint Diamonds offer to create the diamond in around 6 months. Saint Diamonds also offer setting memorial diamonds in jewelry offering standard settings in rings and pendants as well as custom settings depending on each customer’s ideas and needs.

Heart In Diamond

Heart in diamond - cremation diamond company

Heart In Diamond was founded in 2005 in the UK.  The company sells cremation diamonds around the world, if their clients live in the UK or near US office, they deliver the diamonds to ensure product’s safe homecoming. Heart In Diamonds is one of the companies that has their own creating facility on site and allows customers to monitor the process. To make a cremation diamond they ask for ½ cup of hair and 3-6 tablespoons of ashes. The diamonds range in five different colors and come in sizes from 0.3 carats to 2 carats. The cost ranges up to $17,265.


LifeGem diamond

LifeGem was founded in June of 1999 to develop and promote the LifeGem Memorial Diamond. It was the first memorial diamond company, opened in the US. LifeGem offers cremation diamonds mearing 0.10 carats up to 2.0 carats. They track the remains throughout the process by assigning a tracking number that allows their clients to follow the diamond’s progress. Prices start at $2,999 and go up to $19,999 per diamond.


Eterneva kit

Eterneva is a cremation diamond company based in Austin, Texas. It was founded by Eterneva Co-founder Adelle Archer and a partner Garrett Ozar. After losing a friend and a mentor Adelle was looking for options to memorialize her lost friend. When she realized that there were only insignificant options out there, Eterneva was born. A 7-stage process is available to the customers to guide them through the creation of a loved one diamond. The price of a diamond made by Eterneva starts at $2,999 with the diamond carat options from 0.10ct to 3ct.


Algordanza diamond

Algordanza was founded in 2004 in Switzerland. They are operating around the world, with some offices located in the USA. The company is creating ISO – certified memorial diamonds from ashes. Algordanza offers seven different cuts, the carats start from 0.25 up to 2.0. Their specialists developed the procedure through intense research and processes. On the company’s website you can find a declaration of will that helps many people to start pre-planning for turning their loved ones into memorial diamonds in advance. They require at least 500gr of cremated remains and 5gr of hair to create the cremation diamond. To find out the prices for the diamonds, you must submit an inquiry that is available on their website.


Lonite yellow diamond

LONITÉ experts come from different fields of expertise in turning cremation ashes into diamonds. The innovative technology that uses High Pressure High Temperature can turn the ashes into diamonds in 3 to 18 months. Each diamond is GIA certified to prove its origination. They offer six different cuts with the size of a diamond starting from 0.25 carats to 2.0 carats. LONITÉ can create a jewelry design upon request. The prices start at $1,250, depending on a size, cut and color of the diamond.

Deciding on Memorial diamond company

At the end of the day, this is a very individual decision to make. The main things to think about are if the company is trustworthy and experienced. Do they offer the colors and cuts of diamonds that you want. Are they ready to help assist in the emotional process that goes along with memorial diamond creation and answer all the questions and concerns. As the last thing to consider would be the financial and time commitment this takes.


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