How Much Ash to Submit for Cremation Diamonds

Necessary Material Amounts

What you’re about to read is the list of the amounts of remains (ashes or hair) that we require to transform them into cremation diamonds.  

Cremation ashes 8 tablespoons 
Hair ½ cup


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I weigh the ashes?

We require 1/2 cup of hair or eight tablespoons of ashes. You will receive measuring spoon after the order is confirmed so that we can receive the exact amount we need for processing. 


  1. How do I safely send the remains?

We will send you a submission kit once the order is confirmed. It contains everything you need to safely package up your loved one’s hair or ashes to send back to us. Use a container to seal the ashes/hair in a box. Then, pack the container in a box.


  1. Can I send you an additional pack of remains?

Of course! We accept extra amounts of remains. You may also send us the complete remains after cremation. We call this a “Diamond Burial.” However, please inform us of this choice beforehand so that we can send you enough containers and sealing tape for the complete volume of ashes you possess.


  1. Can I send you less than the specified amount of ashes?

Yes, you may. We can happily work our way around this and offer the best solution for your family. We can also deliver several diamonds when it comes to a large family. You are the sole owner of your loved one’s remains, and you may decide not to deliver the whole volume of ashes for your own personal reasons.

If you don’t have enough remains, other family members can supply us with the necessary hair volume free of charge.

  1. What happens if you don’t use all of the remains of my loved one?

Our experts carefully deal with the remains, processing and purifying them through our work stages, from stage one all the way to the final stage where they become diamonds. The necessary volume of remains undergoes the processing to transform into a diamond. The leftover carbon, in graphite powder, is safely kept at our facilities as part of our safety protocols.

Once we’re certain we will no longer need any additional materials for your diamond, we will respectfully cremate the remaining carbon in a mini furnace. Because our processing is very accurate, we can give the carbon back to you and your family at your request. Please make this request known when placing your order.




  1. Cremated bones are those larger than twenty millimeters that remain after the cremation finishes. The bones usually contain a less carbon than the ashes (usually around 1 to 5 mm).
  2. We accept several sources of carbon; for example, 5 g of hair along with eight tablespoons of ashes.
  3. The hair color, type of hair, and artificially dyed hair do not affect the final diamond color. These pigments get removed during the carbon purification process.
  4. The amounts noted above have been calculated and are necessary regardless of the diamond size. The instrumentation required for the entire process needs a fixed amount of carbon to create a diamond. The final size of the diamonds is determined by the time spent in the synthesis process.
  5. The amounts noted above are enough to grow up to three diamonds depending on the size ordered.

Additional Back-up

The carbon present in the remains can vary. Because this process is permanent, we usually recommend our clients provide us with an extra amount of remains as a backup.