Saint Diamonds Kit (2)



Saint Diamonds kit contains everything you need to safely package up the ashes or hair of your loved one to send back to us. *The kit price serves as a deposit.

You will receive:
1) Submission instructions
2) Durable container for your loved one’s ashes or hair
3) Diamond size samples
4) Diamond cut and color information
5) Order form
5) Shipping label

*The price of the kit is a non-refundable deposit. It will be subtracted from the diamond's total price.

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One of a kind, just as they were

Memorial diamonds are a truly unique and deeply personal way to honor your loved one. Each diamond is created from the carbon extracted from their ashes or hair, making it a cherished symbol of their life and legacy.

Forever Memorial

Diamonds are a permanent way to remember loved ones, and they will last for generations. The creation of a memorial diamond is a fitting tribute to a loved one’s life and legacy, representing their enduring presence and the love that they shared with others.

Beautiful & Versatile

Imagine a diamond that shines with the color and cut of your choice, capturing the essence of your beloved and holding their memory close to your heart forever.