They Deserve To Be Remembered

Your pets are part of your family, giving all their love for years and years. They deserve a proper goodbye and a cherished memento to celebrate their lives.

Turn Ashes into a Diamond

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20- 65 days

Pet Ashes into Diamonds

We all know pets to be man’s best friend. Many consider them to be members of their families. This is why SaintDiamonds deals the possibility to transform the ashes of your pets into cremation diamonds as a perfect memento so you and your family can hold dear every waking moment you spent with those beloved friends. Whenever we turn the ashes of your pets into cremation diamonds, it means that this memento is made from the carbon we extract from the remains, along with any fur or even a single feather from your pets. These memorial diamonds can be produced from the remnants of practically every animal, from dogs, horses, cats, parrots, etc.