How it Works

Step One

Saint Diamonds Kit

By turning your loved one’s ashes or hair into a diamond, you create a lasting legacy. It becomes a tangible connection that you can hold, cherish, and pass down through generations.

To begin the ashes to diamonds process, purchase SAINT DIAMONDS Kit on our website. It comes with everything you need – including tools and instructions – to submit the ashes or hair of your loved one.


Step 2

Carbon Extraction

Once we receive the ashes, we perform a material examination and purify the carbon. In order to purify the carbon, we must separate it from everything else that is found in the ashes. During cremation, most of the body’s carbon is actually burnt off. However, we are able to isolate the carbon that are found within the ashes. There is very little carbon to be found in cremation ashes (between 1 and 5%) so it takes quite a while to isolate and purify enough carbon to make the cremation diamonds. In the end, carbon is extracted and used when turning ashes into diamonds.


Growing One of a Kind Diamond

We recreate the natural diamond growing environment. Our machines are able to simulate the environment that produces diamonds (900 degrees °C and 60 kilobars) and successfully turn ashes into diamonds. It works by combining carbon with a tiny diamond seed. As the carbon processes, it crystallizes and grows atop the tiny diamond with the carbon from your loved one’s ashes. Just like every person is different, so is their carbon and diamond.

Our scientists know the importance of the process. Therefore, it can take some while to find the correct formula for heat and pressure for each cremation diamond. We have the whole process, from start to finish, captured on video so you can see how much dedication goes into turning ashes into diamonds.

Step 3
Step 4

Diamond Cutting

Once we finish turning the ashes to diamonds, we carefully scan the results to look for any imperfections. In this step, we’re looking to make sure that we can cut the diamond to your desired design without any imperfections visible in the final cut. We take our time during this process to ensure your memorial diamond is flawless. After we have ensured the quality of your loved one’s cremation diamond, it heads to our expert diamond cutters. All of our expert diamond cutters have decades of experience and are passionate about getting the best cut possible. Well-cut diamonds enhance the quality and brilliance of a diamond, and our master cutters know that. They take pride in the fact that they provide a most brilliant cut every time.


Diamond Certification & Engraving

When we turn ashes into diamonds, we are creating genuine diamonds. Once the entire process is finished, we use third-party gemologists to certify that the diamond meets their standards of 100% genuine diamonds. They assess each diamond’s clarity, color, and inspect the cut for any imperfections. If you wish, they can engrave a message on your diamond with a microscopic laser.

You may choose to have your cremation diamond colored. The diamond coloration process allows us to turn your memorial diamond green, red and pink.

Step 5
Step 6

Diamond Settings

Finally, the very last step in turning ashes into diamonds is setting the diamond. We are happy to help you create the best handmade setting, unless you already have one. However, we also have a team of expert jewelers who can create a custom setting for your loved one’s cremation diamond.

Free jewelry setting from 0.75 ct

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Order Submission Kit

The starter kit contains everything you need to safely package up the ashes or hair of your loved one to send back to us.

  • Submission instructions
  • Durable container for your loved one’s ashes or hair
  • Diamond size samples