Memories To Diamonds: Love Beyond Goodbye



An incredible story of a woman meeting her soul dog, without even looking for one. An unexpected meeting, that lead to an amazing friendship.



‘We had no intention of getting a dog. We were simply killing time on a Saturday in Okinawa, Japan. We stumbled upon a little red doberman puppy. She was skin and bones. I asked if we could hold her, and her soul spoke to mine. My heart broke over the condition she was in. We weren’t looking for a dog, but at that moment I met my best friend. We left her there only to return 2 days later to adopt her. My husband jokes that I loved that dog more than I love him. Honestly, it’s not a stretch to believe since I’ve spent far more time with her than him. She’s been by my side through my husband’s many deployments.’



‘I took her everywhere that she was allowed. In our 8 short years together,  we lived in Japan, the United States, and Germany. We have traveled the world together on road trips. I think people who love animals can relate. In your lifetime, you’ll have that one pet that means the absolute world to you. The one pet that compliments you so perfectly. The one that teaches you how to be a better human. To me, Mila was that pet.’



‘We lost her suddenly and unexpectedly in April of 2022. I held her as she took her last breath at a little vet’s office in a small French village. I struggled for months with how to keep her memory alive. That’s when I found Saint Diamonds. Now, she’ll be able to continue traveling the world with me.’


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