Memories To Diamonds: Love Beyond Goodbye

Takumi’s son


There were so many signs from the universe before Takumi’s son came into this world. But there were none before he left it..


A little boy, with a blue baseball cap and a backpack.


‘My younger son became a little angel when he was 6 and a half years old due to flu complications. This is really strange but before my wife got pregnant with him,  I was taking a walk with my wife and I saw a tiny green-colored snake crawling in front of our house on a hot asphalt surface on a summer day. I did not want him to be run over by a car so I picked him up and placed him in a safe place. The next month my wife got pregnant and after my son was born, the only color he liked was GREEN, and every drawing and clothes, bed cover, pillows, you name it. Unfortunately, he passed away but I have purchased a green crystal flower vase to put flowers along with his ashes in our house. When I saw the green diamond made from ashes on your site, I thought that this is something me and my wife would have to have with us at all times, even though we can not recover emotionally after three years. We are really looking forward to having a diamond and something that we can hand over to his older brother later on.’


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