Memories To Diamonds: Love Beyond Goodbye



A tiny puppy was saved from passing over to the Rainbow Bridge, and a life-long bond was created immediately.


A big, brown dog, looking into the camera.


‘I rescued Rillo from a kill shelter just hours from euthanasia. They told me he was not available for adoption and could only be claimed by his original owner. I fabricated stories, pretending he was mine. I screamed and cried in the lobby for what felt like an eternity. They did not believe me, but I fought for him until they finally let me take him home. He was only 6-weeks old.’


A photo frame with a picture of a dog, next to a ring box with a memorial diamond ring inside.


‘He went everywhere with me from that moment forward. He gave me purpose for almost 13 years. He was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma in August of last year after an emergency splenectomy. He lived a happy battle for four months after that. Losing him has been the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. He was too young. He was perfect. He was my very best friend. I’ll go the rest of my life dreaming of him, hoping that I’ll one day find that bond again. It means so much to me that I’ll have him with me every day in beautiful diamond form.’


A colorless round cut memorial diamond, set in a ring.


‘He was an amazing boy. I’m so thankful the shelter finally gave in and let me have him. My life is certainly not the same without him. Thank you again for working with me to turn his ashes into a beautiful piece of jewelry that I can wear forever.’


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