Making Diamond from Ashes: A Timeless Way to Remember

Making diamond from ashes of a loved one is a beautiful and unique way to pay tribute to their memory. This process transforms a portion of the ashes into a timeless and enduring symbol of their lives, one you can cherish for generations to come.

Why Turn Loved Ones’ Ashes into Diamonds?

Making a diamond from ashes, known as “memorial diamonds” or “cremation diamonds,” has recently become widely popular. Many people are looking at it as a way to honor the memory of lost loved ones. But the question is, “Why turn loved ones’ ashes into diamonds?”

Turning a loved one’s ashes into a diamond is a unique and personal way to keep their memory alive. It allows individuals to honor the life and the legacy of their loved ones tangibly by preserving a piece of them in the form of a diamond. The process of transforming ashes into a diamond symbolizes transformation and eternal love. A diamond is known for its durability, strength, and timeless beauty, making it a fitting tribute to the strength and timelessness of a person’s memory.

By turning ashes into diamonds, individuals can also create a piece of jewelry that they can wear close to their hearts. Memorial diamonds can be set into a pendant, ring, or another piece of jewelry, allowing individuals to carry their loved ones with them wherever they go. This can provide comfort and solace during grief, reminding them of the love and memories they shared with their loved ones.

Additionally, memorial diamonds are a unique and sentimental keepsake that can be passed from generation to generation. They serve as a special memento that can be treasured for years to come, preserving the memory of a loved one for future generations.

Therefore, turning a loved one’s ashes into a diamond is a meaningful and creative way to pay tribute to their memory. Whether as a personal keepsake or a symbol of eternal love, memorial diamonds offer individuals a unique and lasting way to honor the life and the legacy of their loved ones.

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How do Saint Diamonds create diamonds from cremation ashes?

The process of turning cremation ashes into diamonds is a complex and intricate one that requires precision and expertise. At the Saint Diamond, this process is carried out in six steps, ensuring the creation of a high-quality, authentic memorial diamond. Diamonds can also be created in a similar process from a lost loved ones hair.

Step 1: Material Examination and Carbon Analysis

Creating a memorial diamond from the ashes of a loved one begins with a material examination and carbon analysis. It is because most carbon is burned off during cremation, leaving only carbonates behind. These carbonates are tightly bound to other elements, such as calcium or oxygen, making them difficult to extract. Additionally, the ashes may contain other elements, such as phosphates and boron, which are helpful in the formation of bones.

Step 2: Removal of Unstable Chemicals

After examining the material, the team removes any unstable compounds to ensure the purity of the carbon that will create the diamond. They remove it in a controlled environment to achieve the best results using advanced technology. This precision-based approach helps to ensure that only pure carbon remains, which will then be transformed into a diamond of exceptional quality and clarity.

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Step 3: 2000°C Purification in a Vacuum Environment

The third and most crucial phase in making a diamond from ashes is the purification of carbon. This process turns the carbon from the raw material into a highly refined state that is ready to be converted into a diamond.

The carbon is subjected to intense heat during the purification process, which takes place in a vacuum atmosphere with temperatures as high as 2000 °C. The carbon is liberated from any pollutants, and only the cleanest form is left behind due to the heat ability to break down any lingering impurities in it. The vacuum environment is also crucial since it prevents any possibility of extraneous particles interfering with the purifying procedure.

It requires careful management of the heat and vacuum conditions to get the best results, making it a delicate balancing act. 

Step 4: The Purification to 4N Pureness

Then, the team refines the pure carbon to an unprecedented degree, reaching a 4N purity level of 99.99%. This exceptionally high degree of purity is essential to producing a fine memorial diamond that will be treasured for many decades. The refining procedure methodically removes any trace impurities (that could still be present) to ensure that the carbon used to make the diamond is of the highest possible grade,

Step 5: The HPHT Crystallization Miracle

The fifth step, the HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) crystallization of the carbon, is what comes next. The magic happens at this point, turning the carbon into a diamond right before our eyes. The carbon is subjected to extreme high-pressure and high-temperature conditions by the researchers, which causes it to take on the distinctive crystal structure of a diamond. As a consequence, a gemstone is created that is unique, strong, and captures the spirit of the person it honors.

Step 6: Polishing and authentication, the finishing touch

Diamond cutters carefully cut and polish the diamond in the last step to bring out its full beauty and sparkle. They use a delicate touch as they polish the diamond’s surface to bring out its full brilliance. 

All diamonds come with a Saint Diamonds certificate (also possible to have it certified with IGI), giving its owner complete assurance of its veracity. This final stage completes the transaction and offers assurance that the diamond is indeed a one-of-a-kind creation deserving of being cherished for many generations.

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Cremation Ashes Ideas: What to Do with Ashes

When a loved one passes away, finding a meaningful way to preserve their memory can be challenging. While some people choose to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a special place, others prefer to keep them close tangibly. For those who want to keep their loved one’s memory close, and wondering what to do with the ashes, here are a number of options available for them to preserve cremation ashes.

Memorial Diamonds: Turning cremation ashes into diamonds is a timeless and beautiful way to preserve the memory of a loved one. The process of creating a memorial diamond involves transforming a small amount of ashes into a high-quality diamond that can be cherished for generations. Memorial diamonds are a unique and personal way to remember a loved one, as each diamond is created using the carbon content of a person’s ashes.

Urns: Urns are a popular option for preserving cremation ashes. They come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose an urn that fits your needs and personal style. Urns provide a discreet way to keep ashes at home, where they can be close to you and your family at all times.

Jewelry: Cremation ashes can also be made into jewelry, such as pendants or bracelets, which can be worn as a symbol of a loved one’s memory. This type of jewelry is a meaningful way to keep a loved one close at all times, as it can be worn daily as a reminder of their memory.

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Memorial Art: For those who want to preserve their loved one’s memory in a unique and creative way, cremation ashes can also be used to create beautiful works of art, such as paintings or sculptures. This option provides a way to turn a loved one’s ashes into something exceptional and meaningful that can be displayed in your home for years to come.

In short, there are a number of options available for preserving cremation ashes, ranging from memorial diamonds to urns and jewelry to unique works of art. Each option offers a way to keep a loved one’s memory close while providing a meaningful and personal way to remember them. Whether you choose to create a memorial diamond, keep ashes in an urn, or use ashes to create a work of art, preserving cremation ashes can help provide comfort and closure during the grieving process.

Choose Saint Diamond for a Personalized Cremation Diamond

The process of creating a memorial diamond from the ashes of a loved one is a highly personalized and intricate process. The team at Saint Diamonds takes great care to ensure that the diamond produced is as unique as the person it represents. This involves several stages, including the growth of the diamond, evaluation by master cutters, grading and engraving, and, if desired, setting the diamond into a piece of memorial jewelry. The team of experts at Saint Diamonds is highly skilled and dedicated to each individual project, working with precision and care to ensure the final result is a beautiful, custom-made diamond that will serve as a lasting tribute to your loved one. Throughout the process, you will receive updates and documentation, giving you confidence in the care and attention to detail that goes into creating your loved one’s eternal diamond.

What Type of Diamond Can I Get Created?

When it comes to memorial diamonds, the possibilities are endless. The experts at Saint Diamonds can create diamonds in a variety of colors, including colorless, blue, yellow, green, red, pink, or black. These diamonds are crafted with care and precision and can grow up to a size of 3 carats. To showcase the diamond to its fullest potential, most cremation diamonds are cut into round, cushion, Asscher, radiant, or emerald cuts, which are known for yielding the largest diamonds. If you prefer a different cut, such as pear, marquise, oval, or princess, the team at Saint Diamonds can still create a beautiful diamond for you, although it may result in a smaller carat weight. The final diamond can be set in a variety of pieces, such as rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, to create a special, meaningful, and timeless tribute to your loved one.

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Making Diamond from Ashes: Ashes to Diamond Cost

The cost of turning ashes into diamonds varies depending on the size, quality, and type of diamond you choose. Prices start from 1499$ to create a beautiful memorial diamond.  However, the value of a memorial diamond is immeasurable, and the emotional comfort it provides is priceless.

Ashes to Diamonds: The Final Product

Creating a memorial diamond from the ashes of a loved one is a truly unique and special process that results in a beautiful and meaningful symbol of their lives. The final product of this process is a stunning, one-of-a-kind diamond that is unlike any other in the world.

The diamond from the ashes can be designed to your specifications, with cut and color options that allow you to create a diamond that truly represents your loved one’s memory. Whether you prefer a traditional round cut or a more modern princess cut, the possibilities for creating a memorial diamond from ashes are endless.

In addition to its stunning appearance, the memorial diamond symbolizes the love and devotion you feel for your loved one. The diamond will come with a certificate of authenticity and a detailed report of its specifications, ensuring that you have a tangible and irrefutable representation of your loved one’s memory.

The process of turning ashes into diamonds is a tribute to the life of your loved one and a way to keep their memory alive. With a memorial diamond, you can have a beautiful and meaningful symbol of their life that you can cherish for generations to come. Whether you display the diamond in a special location in your home or choose to wear it close to your heart, the diamond made from ashes will always be a constant reminder of the love and joy that your loved one brought into your life.

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Diamonds made from ashes

Making diamonds from the ashes is a unique and meaningful way to remember a loved one. The process requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians, but the result is a delicate, intricate and one-of-a-kind diamond that can be passed down for generations. If you’re considering this option, choose Saint Diamonds company that offers high-quality diamonds and excellent customer service. Whether you choose to wear your ashes in jewelry, keep them in a particular place, or pass them down to future generations, the opportunity to keep a part of a loved one close is genuinely invaluable. It will bring comfort and joy for years to come.


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