How to turn your pet’s ashes into beautiful jewelry

It is extremely difficult to say goodbye to a loved pet that has died. That is why many people tend to turn their pet ashes into gorgeous pieces of jewelry to keep them close to their hearts. This is a good approach for pet owners to remember their adorable pets forever. Pet urn necklace can be a way to keep the memory of the lost pet alive.

The pieces of jewelry that can be made from pet ashes include pet urn necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Several types of materials are used to build pet ashes jewelry, including resin (ashes covered in resin), diamond, gold, silver, and platinum.

Why Turn Pet Ashes into Jewelry?

There are many reasons why turning your pet ashes into jewelry might be the best option for a pet owner, including:

  • It helps you keep your pet close to your heart forever
  • It is a personal way to remember your beloved pet and celebrate their life
  • This can be a therapeutic way to tolerate the grief of losing your pet

Different Types of Pet Ashes Jewelry

The most common types of pet ashes jewelry include an urn, resin, and cremation diamond jewelry.

Pet urn necklace

Urn jewelry is a great option if you need to keep your pet ashes close to your heart. This kind of urn can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet. You can even display it in your home. Urns are offered in several different materials, including metal, glass, and wood.

Resin jewelry

Another widespread option is to use resin jewelry. This model typically comes with a tiny amount of pet ashes blended with resin to elegantly remind the wearer of their beloved pet. Resin jewelry is offered in different shapes and colors so you can easily choose one that matches your style and appearance.

Cremation diamonds

Additionally, cremation diamond jewelry is also a unique and elegant approach to remembering your pet. Ashes of pets or even people are used to create cremation diamond jewelry. Then, they are shaped into different types of jewelry such as rings, earrings, or pendants. These diamonds are roughly unique; you can barely find two identical pieces of diamond jewelry.

Memorial diamond pet necklace

Pet Urn Necklace

A Pet urn necklace is a fantastic way to keep the memories of your beloved pet close to your heart. Not only is it a beautiful approach to keep their memories alive, but it can also be a powerful comfort during life’s hardships. Many people strongly believe that wearing a pet urn necklace helps them feel connected to their pets when they cannot physically access them.

Since there are various types of pet urn necklaces on the market, you can easily choose one that fits your style and priorities. Some popular models are silver pendants with a small urn inside or complex glass and crystal designs that let you see your lovely pet ashes inside.

Also, there are other versions available that come with a locket feature, allowing you to keep a lock of hair or other small mementos with your pet ashes.

Regardless of the type of your pet urn necklace, it is certainly a respectable and comforting piece of jewelry that can specifically help you remember your beloved pet.

pet memorial diamond

Dog Ashes Jewelry

When a dog dies, people might take different actions. Some tend to bury their pet, while others like to cremate the pet’s bodies and keep their ashes. Whichever options you choose, the main target is to honor your beloved dog’s memories.

Apart from these approaches, a new trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is to create jewelry from your dog ashes. Dog ashes jewelry can be an extremely special method to keep your furry friend close to your heart forever.

There are various types of dog ashes jewelry available on the market, so you can pick one that suits your style the most. More popular models of dog ashes jewelry include dog ashes necklaces, bracelets, and rings made from metal or glass. Plus, you can purchase pendants, earrings, and urns made from your dog’s ashes.


Dog Ashes Necklace

You can find several types of dog ashes necklaces on the market. Some of the most popular dog ashes necklaces include:

  • Pendants with Paw Prints: This model of dog ashes necklace comes with a small pendant similar to a paw print. It is most of the time made from metal or glass to gorgeously help you remember your dog.
  • Urn Necklace: This type of dog ashes necklace is equipped with a small urn that stores your dog ashes. These necklaces come with simple designs and can uniquely remind you of your dog.
  • Lockets with Dog Photo: This discrete type of dog ashes necklace has a locket with a photo of your dog to help you always remember your dog.
  • Resin Pendants: This model of dog ashes necklace is actually resin pendants that keep your dog ashes. They come with complex designs and uniquely remind you of your dog.

Regardless of the type of your dog ashes necklace, it can be a specific piece of jewelry that can show others how much your dog meant to you. Dog ashes necklace is the best option for pet owners who never want to forget their dog.

Dog Ashes Necklace: Memorial Diamond

It is always tough to handle the death of your dog. Memorial diamonds are designed to ease this process and keep your pet close to you forever. Memorial diamonds are made from the ashes or hair of your pet, offered in different shapes and sizes.

Many people tend to have a memorial diamond of their pet ashes. Others may prefer to give these memorial diamonds as a gift to the one who loved their pet so much during its lifetime. In either case, a memorial diamond is a fantastic way to help you remember and cherish your furry friend.

Memorial diamonds are created by extracting carbon from the ashes of your dog and then placing the carbon into a HPHT reactor. The carbon then binds together and forms a small diamond that is then cut and polished into a gorgeous gemstone.

These diamonds are offered in various shapes and sizes. You have the option to choose one small diamond to wear on a bracelet or necklace or, instead, pick a larger one to place in a ring or pendant.

How to Choose the Right Type of Pet Ashes Jewelry

When choosing pet ashes jewelry, you need to consider some factors beforehand.

First, you should know different styles of pet ashes jewelry to find out if you like your jewelry to be simple, understated, or just something more elaborate.

Secondly, you should consider the material you want your jewelry to be made of. Metal and glass are more popular materials used in this field; however, there are other materials too, including wood, resin, plastic, and even paper.

Lastly, you need to consider your budget and the price of the pet ashes jewelry. It might cost differently from a few dollars to several hundred or even thousands of dollars, so it is critical to choose something that matches your budget.

Considering all of these factors allows you to choose the pet ashes jewelry that is perfect for your style and preferences.

Benefits of Wearing Pet Ashes Jewelry

Turning pet ashes into jewelry and wearing them provide you with many benefits. The most obvious benefit in this regard is that pet jewelry helps you keep your pet close to your heart forever. It can be significantly comforting to know that your pet is always by your side, even after its death.

Furthermore, wearing pet ashes jewelry lets you remember your pet and celebrate its life in a unique and beautiful way. It can also provide you with a sense of closure after your pet’s death.

Turning pet ashes into jewelry can help deal with the grief and pain this loss has left. This allows you to keep their memories alive.

Wearing pet ashes jewelry helps prevent your happy memories with your pet from fading away after its death. If you are struggling with the loss of your beloved pet, consider turning your pet ashes into jewelry. This can be a lovely reminder of the good times as well as a conversation starter that lets you tell your pets story.

How to Care for Your Pet Ashes Jewelry

If you have turned your pet ashes into jewelry, the good news is that you can easily take care of it to keep it for countless years. All you need to do is clean your pet ashes jewelry using mild soap and water. Keep in mind that you should never submerge your pet ashes jewelry in water as it might cause the metal or other materials in your jewelry to rust or corrode.

Most wearers are concerned about where to keep their pet ashes jewelry. A jewelry box or other types of containers can be great places to store the jewelry. The most important thing is that the place where you keep your pet ashes jewelry must be dry as moisture can gradually cause damage.

More specific methods to keep and maintain your pet ashes jewelry depend on the type of your jewelry. Generally, if you turn your pet ashes into jewelry and keep it decently, it will last for numerous years.

Cost of Pet Ashes Jewelry

The cost of memorial pet ashes jewelry depends significantly on the type of jewelry you use.

The most inexpensive option is to choose resin jewelry which typically costs somewhere between $20 and $50. Pet urn jewelry is slightly more expensive, with models that typically cost between $75 and $200. Plus, cremation diamonds are the most expensive options with models that cost between $1,500 and $20,000.

In the case of memorial jewelry, like almost anything else, you get what you pay for. The least expensive options such as resin jewelry are much less durable compared with the most expensive options including urn jewelry and cremation diamonds. Despite that, we can safely guarantee that all of these options offer you a beautiful way to commemorate your pet.

If you are asking which option is the best one for your case, the answer greatly depends on your budget and what you are intending to achieve by wearing memorial jewelry. Those looking for something affordable and durable can go with resin jewelry. On the other hand, those who tend to wear something more luxurious can choose urn jewelry or cremation diamonds.

Final Thoughts – Pet Ashes into Beautiful Jewelry

When you are recovering from the loss of your pet, you certainly need to do something specific to remember the good times you had with your furry friend. Although there are multiple methods to commemorate your pet’s life, turning your pet ashes into jewelry is quickly becoming an extremely popular approach.

Currently, there are numerous companies that turn your pet ashes into jewelry with their specific processes and methods. If you are planning to turn your pet ashes into jewelry, you need to do all of your research regarding the companies offering this service beforehand.

Try to compare their prices, styles, and turnaround times to discover the company that creates the pet jewelry that you like. If you eventually decide to go ahead with them, prepare yourself for an emotional and unforgettable experience.



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