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Ashes: 8 tablespoons
Hair: half a cup

We need about eight tablespoons of ash or half a cup of hair to create a diamond.

We accept several sources for the required carbon (for example, 50% of hair and the rest in ashes).

The quantities above cover up to three diamonds. If you need more than three, we ask you to please contact us so we can arrange the exact amount of remains we need for production.

Pet ashes and fur are very similar to human ashes and hair at the chemical level. Therefore, we need the same amount in each case.

To turn ashes into a diamond, it takes us about 16 to 32 weeks.

The exact length of time will depend on your diamond’s size and color. If you want a larger diamond, it could take up to four months to grow. Our colorless memorial diamonds need an extra purification process, so it takes more time than the yellow cremation diamonds.

The cost of a memorial diamond varies depending on the color and size you choose, just like the cost of a natural diamond.

Cost begins at $1,249 for a .25 carat yellow diamond.

Cremation diamond pricing

Yes, we create 100% real diamonds, just grown in the lab from the carbon in ashes or hair. Every one is inspected by a third-party and graded for authenticity. Your cremation diamond will be unlike any other diamond in the world! Each one is as unique as the person you loved and lost. We take our time during the process of turning ashes into diamonds so that we can ensure the highest quality diamond for you.


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Memorial diamonds offer a one-of-a-kind memorial that is personalized to the individual. Each diamond is made from the carbon extracted from the person’s cremated remains, making it a truly unique and personal symbol of their life.

The Process is
simple and secure.



Indicate who the future Diamond will be created for, and your beneficiaries



Select the features of your future Diamond (cut, color, size, engraving)


Set Payment Terms

You have the option of upfront, 3,5 or 10yr payment plans, starting as low as $19/month

Payment Plan

We allow you to pre-plan, design, and lock in pricing on a future Diamond for yourself or a loved one who has not yet passed, with a payment schedule that suits you.


Payment plans start from as low as $29 a month

Order your

Submission Kit

To begin the ashes to diamonds process, purchase SAINT DIAMONDS Kit on our website. It comes with everything you
need – including tools and instructions – to submit the ashes of your loved one.

Submission kit contains everything you need to safely package up the ashes or hair of your loved one to send back to us.

Diamond Shape


Cost of cremation diamonds


The cost of turning remains (ashes or hair) into real diamonds includes of the purification of the remains, the creation of the diamond, and the polishing of the diamond.

We offer a 5% discount for each additional cremation diamond you order at an equal or lesser value.

All shapes other than round cost an extra 10%.

We offer uncut cremation diamonds from 0.75ct with a 20% discount.

If you need cremation diamonds bigger than 3 carats, please contact us.

How long does it take to create a
memorial diamond?

Colorless 16 ~ 32 Weeks
Yellow 16 ~ 32 Weeks
Blue 16 ~ 32 Weeks
Black 16 ~ 32 Days
Red 20 ~ 40 Weeks
Green 20 ~ 40 Weeks

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Our colorless cremation diamonds come with top carbon purity ( 4N purity: 99.99% ), liberated from any impurity that may damage it. The production process involves more technicalities so that the diamond can attain that level of purity, making it the most expensive (up to $16,500) and the slowest one to create (up to eight months).


Our blue cremation diamonds look majestic and placid. SAINT DIAMONDS is equipped with state-of-the-art technological instruments to ascertain the atom density of every diamond, making our blue diamond highly stable. The crystal grows a lot faster and effortlessly by using boron atoms in the middle of the carbon, making the growth process move swiftly and with lower costs than other types of cremation diamonds, such as the colorless diamond.


Yellow is the most elementary color choice out of all the cremation diamond color choices. These amber diamonds are created following basic standards without extra elements or special technical methods. The production expenses and time are usually the lowest; therefore, these diamonds are the most popular choice.

If you want the color of your cherished diamond to stay natural, then go with yellow. This amber color is the result of the amount of nitrogen that stays in the carbon, which crucial in human cremation remains.


The green cremation diamonds require an extra HPHT procedure to change the diamond’s structure and color in the center of the diamonds. Therefore, this greenish color takes a little bit longer to create, resulting in a price increase.